The principals of Muñoz Investment Group have been successful in bringing about a wide variety of business successes.

Including the following:

Facilitating a Divestment of Global Business Units

Edward Muñoz led the team that successfully structured and negotiated a $3 billion corporate spin-off that involved more than five distinct joint ventures spanning seven different countries (including Canada, Mexico, Germany, Turkey, China, Brazil and the U.S.) and three publicly traded companies. The seller received the “highest value” from the new joint venture buyer put together by Muñoz.
“Ed Muñoz has credibility in the global chemical/plastics sector” – C. Sonder, Chairman of CELANESE AG

Raising Capital
Hard-to-fund projects often come to us for creative ways to tap into investment funds or financing from international financial institutions. George Muñoz has personally been involved in structuring and securing millions of dollars of capital and financing for emerging market projects, including housing projects.

“Thanks to the Muñoz Group, we were able to secure funding for our Russia project” – Gordon B. Lankton, Chairman, Nypro Inc.
“We liked the strategy developed by Muñoz Group for raising infrastructure capital” – G. Israel, VP of Strategic Planning for CARNIVAL CRUISE CORPORATION

Asia Transactions
Helping a plastics company become more “global”, Edward Muñoz negotiated the purchase of a Korean plastics business and performed the due diligence which led to closing a complex business deal within the budget and time allocated.

Hispanic Business Opportunity From Corporate Spin-off
A business that may not be doing well under one corporate structure may prosper under another. That was the thinking that drove the strategy to spin off a break-even business unit of a major corporation, put it in the hands of Hispanic owners, and market the business as a minority enterprise. Everyone won. Jobs were retained and wealth was created for an emerging Hispanic community.
We access and work closely with the U.S. Hispanic Community.
“We look to George Muñoz for guidance on the Hispanic Market” – Al Bru, President, FRITO-LAY, INC.

Strategic Alliances
Sometimes, the most flexible and cost-effective global expansion is achieved by forming strategic alliances. Such an alliance was what Edward Muñoz successfully put together among Japanese, German and American partners to compete more vigorously in the global chemical industry.

Private Equity Funds for the Emerging Markets
As developing countries started opening up their markets to foreign investors, George Muñoz successfully developed and implemented strategies for establishing private equity funds that could tap into the privatization of infrastructure projects in these countries.

Trouble Shooting When Foreign Investment Gets in Trouble
One of our greatest strengths is our close ties and ability to work with governments around the world. These relationships allow Muñoz Investment Banking Group to play an advocacy role on behalf of clients without them having to resort to the court system. When a large tourist project in Mexico went bankrupt, for example, a group of investors from the United States, Mexico and Canada retained George Muñoz to extract the Mexican real estate investment from legal and political entanglements. Without having to resort to Mexico’s courts, George Muñoz developed a winning strategy and led negotiations that resulted in the investor group recouping most of their investment.


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